Ok folks here it is live and in person, fems second page. I know you have all been waiting on the edge or your seats for it and its finally here! *YIPPEE* I know your saying to yourselves, this woman, who is she, what is she like? Well yer gonna have to hunt ta find that out. I am funny that way. Well if you have been here before you will notice i have made a few changes. I have added quite a few new pages and will keep doing so till i get bored with it. (which is very unlikely) I will of coarse keep up with the random topics throughout these pages as always just keep coming back and see whats new I am currently trying my hand at graphics also so some of the backgrounds and headers on my pages are of my own creation. Hopefully soon i will add a page of all of them for you to see.

  Allrighty now. Once again you find yourself here. Well guess what??? I have FINALLY updated (a little anyway) For all interested the move went fine, San Diego is AWESOME!!! I have added page dedicated to my new home. *G* So sit back, click away, and enjoy the ride!!

  As you all must know by now i am a woman, and as a woman i reserve the right to constantly change my mind for the sole purpose of driving the male gender completely insane. So, with that said, this site is now, and probably will always be....

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