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        ACK! You found me!

        Well i guess since ya spent this much time on my sight
        already i might as well tell ya a little something about
        the creator. Well if you lookin for some huge success
        story your not gonna find it. I am a single mother of
        one beautiful daughter. She helps to keep me
        crazy. *G* I currently live in a small town in southeast
        Texas. But will be moving to San Diego in a few weeks.
        A big change i know but i feel i have out grown this
        town and need to experience all life has to offer. I
        have also made a wonderful friend out there who is
        willing to help me out. I can never thank him enough
        for the chance he has given me. Thank you Craig, i owe
        you so much. *kiss* You can see his page here. There
        is not a lot to do in this lil town but it has made me
        happy through the years. Its now time to move on. I
        enjoy anything to do with the outdoors, camping, fishing,
        boating, walks on the beach. And am quickly becoming a
        big fan of traveling. (obviously) I also enjoy playing
        pool and all that comes with this great web we have here.
        There are several chat rooms i visit so i am not even
        gonna bore you with that. But if your really interested
        in knowing me more, you can always try to reach me on
        powwow or ICQ. (The links are below)Two very cool chat
        programs. Well thats about all i have to say. Wish me
        luck in my new adventures.

        OK OK i guess i might as well let you take a look at
        ME since ya went through so much
        trouble browsing my pages. Thats all i have to say about
        myself right now. Thanks for takin time out of your busy
        life to check out my site. Don't forget to sign
        my guestbook before you leave. It would be greatly
        appreciated. Thanks.

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