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Feelings run deep, passions of fire,
we write down these words to express
our hearts and desires.

Long Distance Love

A handle in a room.
Laughing, joking, flirting.
Nothing can come of this the distance is too great.

Friendship developes.
Caring, talking, connecting.
Nothing can come of this the distance is too great.

Feelings run deep.
Kissing, hugging, falling.
What are we to do, the distance is too great.

Love starts to flow.
Meeting, holding, laughing.
The distance can be over come.

Back to our own homes.
Missing, crying, wanting.
The distance can be overcome.

Time passes.
Less talking, less communicating, growing distant.
We cant let the distance win.

Occasional chats,
Last ditch efforts,
The distance has won.


This Man I Met

I met a nice man today.
We talked and laughed the hours away.
Our words reached out across the miles.
Knowing we were making the other one smile.

Weeks have passed, and i must say,
this man i met, has brightened every day.
Our minds have connected, our thoughts run clear
We have so much in common, whats happening here.

Since I met this man, months have gone by.
Oh and how i long to look into his eyes.
I want to feel his touch, his warm embrace,
want to look upon his face.

Is this really happening? Can this truly be?
This man i met is now standing before me
With his deep brown eyes, he is touching my soul.
I believe i am in heaven. God please don't let me go!

His touch, his feel,
It all seems so right.
We held each other close,
each and every night.

This man i met has brought,
so much to my life.
When we must part,
I fear with all my might.

This man i met left for his own world today.
And i will always remember, our wonderful days
I look foreward with all my heart,
that when we will meet again, and someday,
we won't have to part.

If you wonder how this romance ends,
I cannont tell you, only how it begins.
For its a neverending story, between this man i met and i
Because i will never forget him, he lives forever in my eyes.



We talk for hours, about our lives.
What was once in our power, and its timely demise.

We laugh at our jokes, the ones just between friends.
We hold each other close, when our world seems to come to an end.

These times i would not trade, for all the treasures on earth.
For you are my friend, and i accept you for all your worth.

So remember my friend, you can always trust in me.
For i am with you till the end, and will always and forever be.... your friend.

"The One"

We spend out lives searching
for that special someone
Who can fill the space in our hearts.
constantly reaching, learning

Just when we think
that one had finally come
we open our eyes and realize
that no this isn't the one

You came into my life
when i had givin up hope
of ever finding the one
who would make my life a whole

i don't know what will happen
but i know one thing is clear
here i am, falling again
whenever you are near

So here is my heart
Please handle it with care
I give it to you,
and along with it my hopes and fears.

Hoping, wanting for you to be
the one.


Selections from Baz.

"Obscur et fronce"

Dark, wrinkled as a purple pink,
It breathes, it nestles in that bed of moss,
Still damp from love, which hugs the slope,
The white thighs' slope, to crater's heart.
Threads, gossamer, milky tears
Wept, wept, in scouring wind
That drove them on clots of scarlet scree
Till they tumbled on the edge, were gone.
My dreams touch kisses, kisses to the gate.
Soul envies couplings of the flesh,
Its tear-bottle this, its nest of sobs.
Ecstatic olive! Seductive flute!
Throat sucking almond-sweet sublime!
Moss-circled, female, promised land!
        Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)


unforbidden and divided, embracing continuously...
dipping into plurality without speaking...
a geography of unfamiliar pleasures,
complex, subtle, imaginary - other in 'self'...
other in meaning, constantly recompiling....
no longer identical to anything!
touching, wandering far away,
far from nearness, stopping...
beginning again from zero.
thinking "everything and nothing?"
        97 Baz

cherry tears

worshipping myths the silent stray,
in my dreams you found your prey...
netheral being you shed your skin,
oblivious to my heart's chagrin...
glowing winter red and brown and green,
you left me all alone unseen...
you crystalized a lovers fears,
with blood-red cherry tears.
        97 Baz

Witching Hour

last night you stole my heart and soul,
fondly robbed me of my power...
bled away my faith and trust,
with every passing hour...
couldn't sleep bewitched i was,
dark creatures took their toll.
and all for what? a simple hex...
"tonight i'm in the mood for sex!"...
how i wish you had of called?

        97 Baz


murky green so cold,
rising, surfacing,
ancient debris...
a forgotten wreck,
it's secrets left untold.
glistening blue projectile,
i shoot into your hands,
your fingers warm and gentle,
wipe away grey sands.
a tear falls, our souls meeting...
skin against your skin.
an autumn leaf is crushed blood red -
at last my heart is beating.

        97 Baz

Amongst the Dormant Parasites

upon fluorescent tracts of steel,
rising... falling... city bound...
transurban turbines squeal.
viscid panes of armour-plate,
reflect what's false... what's real?
across my glowing face...
warm yellow flickers gently...
teasing, probing, splashing!
brilliant colours streak on by!...
oozing now, the flow congeals
walls are ripped asunder!
pierced by strange new creatures,
metal souls that flash upstream.
imbued with life itself,
spawning cyclic needs. ...
floating on... i see?
a radiant vision, you!
swirling eddies, currents...
you reach on through
golden-green lightbeams,
dancing way on down...
a quarter century unwound,
entwined so lusciously...
within your smile....
a bloated heart, so white, you found
and turned so blue-grey-red.
        97 Baz

can you hear it?
hear our silence singing...
panning back the eons...
never to forget!!...

come dive into my sweetness,
moist chastity to delve...
unrestrained emotion...
burning bubbles in your brain!

tell me all your secrets?
give your hurt a name...
let me heal your passion?
let me feel your pain?

say you'll be my ocean?
no matter what we do!
tidal waves colliding...
i'll help to see it through...

just a state of mind?
all we are perhaps is just?
never knowing what we'll find
hopelessly in lust...
        97 Baz

translucent cream so liquid rush,
torrents annoint our souls...
so lush, so smooth,
we glide, crying "god!" and "christ!"...

living the dream of dreamers,
nestled wonderfully in eiderdown...
abandoned thus, as passions roll,
we tumble and we fall...

holding onto something,
that drives us, blinds us more...
opening like oysters shells,
we fumble in the darkness, still...

in slippery, numbed, delicious pain,
whispering softly in your ear...
"mmmmmmmmmn Melissa Jane"
        98 Baz

beneath the briars, shadows twine,
across an emerald pond of mire,
moonbeams probe a listless form supine
but to no avail, it does not stir!
only stares with piercing orbs,
on, into darkness, night?
and there it takes it's form.
        97 Baz

Poetry From Craig

Shock Treatment Lite

They made it almost too easy for me, my own manual shock therapy
No nasty electrodes to insert, so smoothly done, it hardly hurt,
until I had some time to think, of just how far I had to sink
before I remembered, I knew where to turn, its funny how often I have to relearn
this lesson, over and over again, if healing will happen it must come from within.

There was one person, who helped me get through, and baby I owe my life to you,
My wonderful Gina was there when I called, for help, as things around me disolved.
Into a narrowed lightless tunnel, my energies were all being funneled
To get me to Texas, to be by your side. Willing to let everything else in life slide.

You brought me back to what senses remain, your firmly placed earthiness helped to explain
That time heals all wounds and all things have their time,
And soon, but not yet, will be your chance and mine.


Winds of Change

You blew into my life, I hardly noticed you at first,
just a name upon the screen, a zephyr barely stirring
your sweet devotion showing for the man who quenched your thirst
for love and understanding, I could almost hear your purring.
But the winds of change swept closer, as your doubts began to grow
Was it true? Does he love me? If he does why won't he call?
he said he'd make a path for you, down which both of you would go,
hand in hand, across the ocean, to a new world for you all.

The winds picked up, began to swirl, as the worst came to your mind
after turning your life over for him, making changes large and small
has he decided for some reason, to leave you here behind?
betraying your deep trust in him, not caring where you'd fall?

The storm winds blew so icy cold, as the fantasy did end,
there was no you and him, was it ever real or just a game?
the winds drove you to seek the comfort of an understanding friend
and the life I'd lived before that point would never be the same.

I helped you through that blizzard time, encourging when I could,
Never thinking that my helping hand, would change my life the most
I would help you start a new life as I thought a good friend should,
giving refuge from the storm, a new beginning on the coast

The winds engulfed us fully, as we held each other tight
and you finally decided it was time to live once more,
I remember oh so clearly how you seemed to shine that night
as we made sweet cyber love after stepping through that door

that leads to the world of lovers, of dreamers, sometimes fools
We could leave the storm behind us, it had already had its say.
Its funny how some things in life, you never see as tools,
are the ones that change you deeply, as you go on day by day

So the winds of change had blown us to the start of our new life,
though they were cold and bitter at the time.
They gave me the resolve to end the charade with my wife
because I knew once more, again, the joy that could be mine.

We are on this course together, with the warm breeze at our backs
the storms all but forgotten, as our new lives we arrange.
The three of us together, we will make our own new tracks
on the sands that stretch before us, smoothed by the winds of change.


The Path

Sometimes I see it clearly
the path that I will tread,
the twists the turns the branches,
its all there in my head.

But when I step upon the path,
around most every turn
a revelation comes to pass
a lesson to be learned.

I pride myself on knowledge,
the wisdom I have gained
but in the bigger picture
I'm peering through a pane

of glass, still thick and darkened,
hiding things I cannot know
of people, feelings and our fates,
and where I am to go.

But I want to say my darling,
my lover, my dear friend
I hope our path, where ever it leads
will never have an end.

Craig Frey


Fire and Ice

I think about what brought me here, how I was made
Like steel strengthened by the fire, becomes a blade
the pain and torture I endured, at your hand
has made of me a much stronger man.

You taught me early of wrong and right,
the right by your words, the wrong by your might,
but the beatings and chokings you so generously gave,
could not reduce me to your whimpering slave.
Your god, your bible, in your own mind
gave you the right to take what was mine
my self, that needed to grow free
you tried your best to steal from me.

You did succeed in taking part,
the joy I should have in my heart
for family, childhood, loving and bright
you've linked these things to terror and fright.

My marriage fails as have most of yours,
through lessons you've taught, the misery pours,
I wonder if things would have gone diff'rently
if I had been born to a real family

instead of some outpost, a military command,
that required obediance to your every demand
I never did learn what I wanted to do,
but learned well and early, I did not want to be you.

So I have you to thank, though the words die in my throat
"I am who I am", to paraphrase a quote.
in large part, in spite, not because, of you
my hatred has given me strength to get through.

And you gave me one hope, one goal that I save,
that I will live long enough to piss on your grave.

This page contains some of my original works and those of my friends. Also i have asked for thier favorites. If you have a poem you would like me to add i will be more than happy to do so. Just e mail it to me and i will add it asap. Thanks.

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