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Friends on and off the Net

Here are some pictures and pages of the people who have taken pity on me and chose to become my friends. My family, of coarse, had no choice. *G* I must say that these people have truly enriched my life and i will always remember them. *big hugs* to each and everyone.

Friends pics.....

My lil bro.
My good friend Baz
My poor folks
My lil angel

Friends Pages...........

Without him this page would not have been quite this good. *S*
Psyco's Page
My babe. *G* A sensitive guy's home page
Rons Cyber Ranch
Enki's Page
Askora's Page

This is an applet i found at geocities. Has a few pics of my family on it. Its a bit slow at loading sometimes but its pretty cool. *S*

Photo album

This page is still under construction.

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