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      Man your still here???????

      You must be really bored by now.
      I mean, geesh, reading the credits even?
      Come on! Ok well i guess i can give you
      the benefit of the doubt and say your actually
      interested in who has helped me with my
      creation. One person in particular i would
      like the thank is my friend Billy. Without
      him i would have never been able to get
      these pages just how i wanted them.
      Thanks darlin, your the best.
      This games for you bud. *G*


      I owe ya several twister sessions now. *hug*

      Ok so here are many of the links and
      graphics pages i used for the building
      of this page. Lots of awesome stuff
      on these. Each has thier own unique style.
      Give them a look.

Andy's Art Attack! - Your One Stop Web Design Resource.

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